There are physical conditions that respond more effectively with a little help from modern technology and instrument assistance. One such case is in the mobilization of soft tissue when manual methods are insufficient. ConnecTX is a leading edge, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) that allows the chiropractor to more effectively break down scar tissue as well as fascial restrictions. ConnecTX therapy features a specially designed stainless steel instrument that is used to systematically detect and treat a range of conditions associated with scar tissue, inflammation, and fibrosis, such as cervical sprain/strain, lumbar sprain/strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, scar tissue, shin splints, certain inflammatory foot, elbow and knee disorders, fibromyalagia, and trigger finger.

Since fibrosis and scar tissue is comprised of more collagen fibers than elastin, these tissues no longer have the ability to stretch. Over time, the lack of tissue fluidity and flexibility creates other myofascial stress patterns, which can have an overall effect on posture and health. With ConnecTX (IASTM) an effective way of restoring elasticity to these tissues is provided, thereby allowing for increased and improved movement.

Dr. Mollin is certified in and teaches ConnecTX